About the Process of the Development Programme

We have had such great feedback on the U15 & U13 Festivals so thank you for engaging!
The Age Group Hockey programme is new to us all so instead of sending you all the information at once we have decided to spread it out.
Now we finally have the dates and venues confirmed :} – here is snap shot of the process.
No Selection / No Trials:
There will not be formal trials or selection at the U13 & U15 Program.
The process will be as follows –
•All players who register will be included in the Hawkes Bay festival
•From the registrations, players will be allocated into teams for the Hawkes Bay festival
•HBH will ensure these teams are as even as possible
•Based on the players HBH currently knows players will be allocated evenly according to ability
•New players will be allocated to teams randomly
Training Block:
•Once players are assessed at the Hawkes Bay Festival, they will be put into training groups based on their ability
•Through this 4 – 6 week training block they will do skill development and will be assessed further
•Players will then be allocated into teams for the Mini Festival and Lower North Island Festival
•HBH will be ensuring ability groups are evenly spread across all the teams
•This will ensure teams are as even as possible for the Lower North Island Festival
Please email admin@hbhockey.org.nz if you have any questions at all.