Just a reminder as we head into the a full Winter season – we as Sideline supporters have the role of positive engagement, show encouragement and just enjoy our kids being on the turf playing the sport they love.

Here are a few tips:

  • Be a great support image (attached), please use however you see fit.
  • Respect Code of Conduct (attached and available on our website), this is great way to set expectations at the start of the season, particularly if you have experienced issues in the past.
  • Balance is Better Website from Sport New Zealand – Free advice for coaches, parents, teachers and administrators of sport  https://balanceisbetter.org.nz/
  • Parenting Top Tips from Wayne Goldsmith – https://wgcoaching.com/help-child-achieve-sport/
  • Top Tips for Supporters (you can drop this text into social or newsletters);
  1. Respect the coaches – they are there to help your child enjoy sport.
  2. Let the coaches coach – yelling instructions from the sideline can be distracting and confusing for your child.
  3. Keep things in perspective – They are kids, the coaches and officials are human, and are volunteers.
  4. Respect all referees and officials  – Without them volunteering, there would be no game for your child to play.
  5. Praise their effort – No child makes mistakes on purpose, focus on the positives and that they play to have fun.
  6. Be their biggest fan – Help them see the bigger picture, making mistakes is ok and part of their development.
  7. Be encouraging and let them lead the conversation – ask questions such as “Did you have fun”, “What did you enjoy”, “Is there anything you would like to improve on”

Let’s work together to make sure all youth have a positive experience on the sports fields.