Welcome to the Hawke’s Bay Hockey Health and Safety Page.

Hawke’s Bay Hockey is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its Staff and members.  This commitment extends to ensuring that Hawke’s Bay Hockey’s operations do not place members of the public at risk of injury, illness or property damage. We have the use of two venues within our Association – Park Island and Unison Hockey Stadium.  Both venues have Hazard/Risk Registers and forms for incidents/accidents which are available on this page.

Defibrillator is on site inside the Pavilion’s main area.  Please ensure if this has to be used to  complete an Incident form and contact the Office.

Safety Reminder

Hawke’s Bay Hockey Association wishes to issue a safety reminder to all of it’s Hockey Community. Please ensure that your team including players, coaches, management and supporters leave safely after hockey training or games, particularly in the evenings. Please ensure you leave in groups and people are not left in car parks on their own.

Please stay vigilant for anything out of the normal and report any suspicious behaviour to the Police.

Covid 19 Alert Level 2 – update 15th August 2020

We have dedicated all updates and releases around current Covid 19 news to our main News page.  We have all supporting H & S documents, media updates, links to Sporting organization supporting Sport in NZ.
H & S Documents

Risk Register for Covid 19 Level 2

SOP for all Players using facility from 14th August to 26th August updated 18th August

Unison H & S Plan for hockey return at Alert Level 2  

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Sport New Zealand

Hockey New Zealand

Hawke’s Bay Hockey Key Information

HBHA Safety Important Info - AED location/Assembly Area/Fire extinguishers

Hawke’s Bay Hockey Health and Safety Important Information

  • Report All accidents/incidents to the Administration Office.  Incident forms are located on this page under forms or hard copies are kept in the H & S folder next to the AED in the Pavilion.
  • If it is necessary to phone Emergency Services 111: Location is Hawke’s  Bay Hockey Stadium, 42 Clyde Jeffrey Drive, Poraiti, Napier
  • Portable AED Defibrillator is on the wall in the Pavilion
  • Fire Extinguishers are located in the Office, on the wall by the bar and in the Cafe.
  • Emergency Assembly Area is on the grass adjacent to the double gates at the Entrance.
  • If an earthquakes and it is long and strong get gone – head for the Park Island Cemetery hill
  • Blood on Turfs – turf cleaning solution to be used for cleaning blood off turf and is located in the Umpires room.
  • All EXITs and passageways are to be kept clear of obstructions.
  • Please report any broken effects to the Administration office.

General Info

General Information

  • First Aid kits are located in the Bar and also in the Cafe.
  • We have an AED Defibrillator on site inside the Pavilion.
  • There is a stretcher in the Umpires Room that can be used in case of an injury which requires the moving of a patient.
  • A key to the main double gates can be sourced from the Cafe if these need to be opened for an Emergency.
  • We ask all members of the Community to please keep the area clear around the front gates and entrance at all times which includes any yellow lines.

Hockey New Zealand Concussion Policy

Hockey New Zealand Concussion Policy 2018

Hockey New Zealand has released a new Concussion Awareness Policy to cover all levels of the sport. The purpose of the document is to provide an increased awareness of concussion and guidance on the identification and management of concussion.  Concussion (and hockey player welfare in general) is everyone’s responsibility.

Players, parents, coaches and officials need to act in the best interest of hockey player safety and welfare by taking responsibility for the recognition, removal and referral of hockey player to a medical doctor.



Can we please ask all parents/caregivers to ensure their children are supervised by an adult at all times while at the two hockey turf venues.  If you see a child unsupervised in an area they should not be please advise the HB Hockey staff/volunteers on site.